Regarding the German §3 Abs (5) Teledienstedatenschutzgesetz (TDDSG)(roughly translated as “Online Service Privacy Law”) we inform you about the following:

  1. Each kind of data we acquire is not disclosed to any third party and will be handled confidentially.
  2. When using any of our services that require the display of the user´s name (e.g. discussions) instead of the user´s real name his anonymized login is shown. If the real name has to be displayed (e.g. when using eCard services) we will only do this to prevent abuse.
  3. The user will always be informed which data will be transferred to tricos media when submitting a form.
  4. We do only send automated e-mails to the user´s given e-mail address that are required for the given service to work properly, e.g. password reminders, requests, status messages or replies to the user´s questions.
  5. When using services like eCards, newsletter subscriptions and comparable services the user will also receive messages by the very nature of these services.
  6. We will never send unsolicited e-mail messages with the exclusion of messages regarding 4.
  7. To prevent abuse, illegal use of our services and to analyze website usage we store data as stated in 3. on our websites.
  8. We do not create user profiles.
  9. Each user can request to have all information regarding his person we have on file for him disclosed anytime free of charge.
  10. By using any of our websites the user is bound to this policy which can always be accessed on this page.